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When you send the RFQ for RF coaxial cable assemblies, please have below information included in your inquiry: 

  • Types of the connectors for both ends, that you can choose the RF connectors from our websites
  • Type of coaxial cable, you can choose from Superlink from the category of flexible cable, semi-flexible cable, semi-rigid cable or corrugated cable
  • Length. The length means from the center of one end connector to the center of another end. 
  • Other special requirement if you have. 
  • Please be noted that you need consider the environment of the application of the cable assemblies, when you select the connectors and cable. We offer the water-proof and air-proof RF connector for out-door application, non-magnetic RF connectors for NMR(Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) application, etc. Different type of cables provide different application environment and different attenuation (VSWR, return loss, insertion loss etc.). You can contact Superlink(SLK) for help.

To better understand our service or ask for quotation, you can email us at sales@slkcorp.com. You can also try to find the contact information of our sales reps or distributors or our offices in your local site or the place near to you at the page of Contact Us

Superlink promises to provide our valuable customers with top quality and the most cost-effective products and the best and most professional services. 

BNC Male Plug to MCX male Plug Cable Assemblies

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