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Quantum and RF microwave measurement

Quantum and RF microwave measurementAs a person in the industry related to radio frequency and microwave, when they intersect with the quantum field, they are at a loss. For RF engineers, quantum theory belongs to the category of almost metaphysics. RF measurement engineers usually obtain accurate a

Quantum and RF microwave measurement 2.png
Precautions for designing high-power RF and microwave passive components

Precautions for designing high-power RF and microwave passive componentsRF and microwave passive components bear the burden of many design constraints and performance indicators. According to the power requirements of the application, the requirements for materials and design performance can be sign

High-power radio frequency and microwave passive components.png
2.92mm,3.5mm and SMA connector

SMA, 3.5mm, and 2.92mm (K) connectors all have similar mechanical characteristics which allows them to be mated to each other. However, because the dimensions of each connector are slightly different the connection is not ideal and does result in degraded electrical performance.The outer diameter of

3.5 mm, 2.92 mm and SMA Connector Compatibility.PNG
TNC connector is a threaded connector for small and medium power applications

TNC connector is a threaded connector for small and medium power applicationsThe TNC connector is the threaded version of the BNC connector, the full English name is Thread Neill-Concelman (threaded connector), for use in small and medium power applications.The TNC series of products are developed a

TNC connector.png
The welding process of SMP RF connector

The welding process of SMP RF connectorSMP connectors play the role of connecting or disconnecting coaxial cables, microstrip circuits, and transmitting signals in microwave circuits. It is an important function to realize electrical connection and signal transmission between modules and modules, co

Types and uses of commonly used radio frequency and microwave measuring instruments

Wireless Comprehensive TesterThe wireless comprehensive tester is a radio frequency and protocol performance test equipment for mobile communication terminals. It has the following test functions:Mobile RF performance and throughput testVehicle eCall and ERA-GLONASS system testingVoLTE and VoWLAN vo

Network Analyzer.png
How to use the RF connector

In communication systems, RF coaxial connectors are widely used in the connection of device ports and equipment, in various forms and different usages. During the use process, many friends will have questions about whether their use is correct and whether it will cause damage to the product. Today w

Quick plug self-locking.png
Basic knowledge of RF and microwave: basic concepts and terminology

Basic knowledge of RF and microwave: basic concepts and terminologyRF basics1. Power/level (dBm): the output capability of the amplifier, the general unit is w, mw, dBmNote: dBm is an absolute power level expressed in decibels with 1mw as the reference value. Conversion formula:Level (dBm)=10lgw5W →

RF connector.png
RF BMA connector

RF BMA connectorIn many applications, screw-on RF connections can sometimes appear stretched and even unusable: for example, panels, daughter cards, or inserts with multiple RF connection points.In these cases, the spacing between the connectors must be set to be very small, so that the nut cannot b

bma connector.jpg
Passive intermodulation measurement technology

Because the attenuation effect seriously affects the operation of the communication network, PIM has attracted more and more attention in the field of wireless communication. As long as signals above two frequencies encounter a non-linear electrical junction or similar material, intermodulation will

Passive intermodulation measurement technology 3.jpg


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