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How to detect RF coaxial cable

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The quality of the RF cable coaxial cable directly affects the transmission of the signal and unnecessary losses, and a standard radio frequency coaxial cable is round, and the outer surface of the cable is attached to the outer surface of the insulating medium. The outer surface of the medium Round, indicating that its performance is better.

First, first observe the circularity of the insulation medium: the standard radio frequency coaxial cable section is round, the cable is shielded, the aluminum foil is attached to the outer surface of the insulating medium, the closing the outer surface of the medium, the aluminum foil and the gap of the aluminum foil The smaller, the larger the gap, the more the gap is. It is proved that the smaller the performance of the clearance, the better the performance of the cable, and the large gap air is easily invaded into the shield and affects the service life of the cable.

Second, test the consistency of the insulation medium of the coaxial cable: the diameter fluctuations of the coaxial cable insulation medium mainly affect the echo coefficient of the cable, this check can take a cable insulation medium, with a thousand-fold carefully check the outer diameters, see it Whether it is consistent.

Third, the quality of the aluminum foil: It plays an important shield in the coaxial cable to avoid an important role in avoiding external open signal interference and preventing cable television signal leakage, so the quality of the aluminum foil should be detected on the new coaxial cable. First, the sheath layer is opened, observed whether the surface of the knitted network cable and the aluminum foil layer remains good; followed by taking a cable, tightly wrapped around the metal shaft, straightened forward, repeatedly, more times, The rear-open cable sheath layer views the aluminum foil has a unfolded phenomenon, or a small aluminum foil can be repeatedly rubbed and stretched in the hand. It has not been broken by multiple rubbing and stretching, and has certain toughness to cooperate. Cooperation, otherwise It is preferred.

Fourth, check the woven network of coaxial cable: the woven network cable of the coaxial cable plays an important role in the shielding of the coaxial cable, and whether it is in the centrally power supply cable TV line or the power supply back line, the coaxial cable quality test must be Whether the textile network is strictly smooth, the method is to cut out the coaxial cable outer sheath, cut a small coaxial cable weaving net, identify the number of weaving networks, if the value is consistent with the specified value, The spiral microscopy microscopy of single textile cable is measured. Under the same price, the thicker the quality of the wire diameter is, the better.

5. Detection of the extrusion of the outer guard layer: High quality coaxial cable outer guards are wrapped tight, which can reduce the inner gap in the shield to prevent air into the oxidation, prevent the relative slide of the shield from causing electrical properties. The drift, but the incision is too tight, causing the inconvenience of peeling, increasing the difficulty of construction. The inspection method is to take a 1m long cable, stripped the sheave in the end, so that the wire cannot be pulled out of the wire.

6. Observe the cable into the shape of the cable: the cable is not only reflected in the beautiful appearance, but also is still the problem of cable quality. The cable is flat, and each cable remains on the same heart plane. The cable and the cable are in parallel in parallel, which can reduce the mutual force between the cables, and the stack is not easily deformed, so don't you need to accept the quality of the cable. If you are roughly, you will look at both eyes, you must take care of it carefully.


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