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  • 4 applications features of SMP connector

    SMP connector is a kind of ultra-small radio frequency connector with application frequency up to 40GHz.It has several advantages such as small size, light weight, bandwidth, and reliable link.SMP connectors are often used for board-to-board connections, or occasions with weight requirements and sma

  • All in one picture: the name, shape and installation of the RF connector

    There are many types of RF connectors with different shapes and different installation methods. It is difficult for ordinary people to remember all the types and their corresponding shapes and installation methods. The following figure shows the name, shape and installation of most RF connectors int

  • High-power RF and microwave passive considerations and constraints for RF connectors

    RF and microwave passive components bear the burden of many design constraints and performance indicators. According to the power requirements of the application, the requirements for materials and design performance can be significantly improved. For example, in high-power telecommunications and mi

  • Definition of PIM and calculation examples in RF connectors

    PIM in RF connectors is a form of intermodulation distortion that occurs in components that are generally considered linear, such as cables, connectors, and antennas. However, when affected by the high RF power found in cellular systems, these devices can generate intermodulation signals of -80dBm o

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