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SLK new product-semi-rigid low temperature cable

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Semi-rigid low temperature cable

Semi-rigid low temperature cable is an innovative product of Sulian engineers, which can be used normally at -270℃ ultra-low temperature.

Superlink product model: MAMSMAMS-338-XXXX-XX


The inner and outer conductors of the cable are all stainless steel

The main material of the connector is required to be stainless steel, non-magnetic

Work under -270℃ temperature condition

Low thermal conductivity

Specific shape bending

Low attenuation

Application scenarios:

Quantum computer (ultra-low temperature environment)

Quantum computer (ultra low temperature) 1

Quantum computer (ultra low temperature) 2

Structural design features:

Stainless steel welding

Semi-rigid bending

Step fixation, threaded connection

Structural design

Key performance indicators:

Operating frequency: DC~14GHz

Characteristic impedance: 53Ω

Voltage standing wave ratio: <1.25

Insertion loss amplitude: ±0.10dB

Key performance indicators

Typical test results:

Insertion loss amplitude

Characteristic impedance


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