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SSMCX RF connectors and components

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SSMCX ultra-micro connectors are designed for electronic applications with dimensions and weight restrictions (compact, low weight, high density), while maintaining good radio frequency characteristics.

The SSMCX connector is 35% lower than the MMCX connector, with 50 and 75 ohm versions to choose from. Extremely compact size SSMCX is an ideal connector for multi-port high-density RF applications. SSMCX coaxial connector has 4 and 6 port layout optional, vertical and right angle directions, with 3.00 mm spacing of coaxial contacts, and standard and non-magnetic versions.

SSMCX connector characteristics and advantages

Frequency range from DC to 6 GHz - cover a variety of potential applications

Low loss cable model - provide more excellent signal strength

Metal printed circuit board lock column - correctly calibrate the printed circuit board, increase intensity, ensure that the printed circuit board is fixed during welding

Magnetic Model - Ideal for medical applications

High density connector - minimize printed circuit board space

Mechanical locking - Make sure the connector is firmly plugged to prevent accidental loose

SSMCX connector common application industry

Commercial vehicle - info entertainment

Consumer Electronics - audio and video equipment

Data / Communication - Wireless - LAN

National Defense Military - Handheld Field Equipment

Industrial - Machinery (M2M) Communication

Technology - MRI

Mobile device - handheld equipment, laptop

Network - Test and Measurement Equipment

Telecom - base station, telecommunicate box


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