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Advanced Services Support

Cloud-based ERP Management

The Superlink Cloud Platform centrally deploys enterprise application software (ERP, OA, CRM, PLM, etc.) on its own cloud server, and quickly and securely through the LAN or WAN at any time and place through the PC client, webpage, and mobile terminal. Access the application software released on the server side to implement Cross Border, Cross Domain, and Cross Platform.

VMI - HUB Fast Shipping

The establishment of the VMI-HUB logistics service model is conducive to improving the overall supply chain operation level of enterprises in the park. Transforming the one-to-many relationship between the company and the supplier into a one-to-one relationship, thereby improving efficiency, saving transaction costs, and saving investment in self-built warehouses; at the same time, shortening the feeding process, promoting rapid response, and reducing error rate , get double savings in time and cost.

Integrated Management Software such as CRM / PLM / SCM / MES

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is a management software used to manage transactions with customers. It implements the whole process management from sales lead identification to sales opportunity tracking to order generation and execution. 
PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) is a product that is used to create, manage, distribute, and support information throughout the lifecycle of a product within a single-site enterprise, across multiple locations, and between companies with collaborative relationships in product development. 

SCM (Software Configuration Management) refers to the implementation of version control, change control procedures, and the use of appropriate configuration management software to ensure the integrity and traceability of all configuration items. 
MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is a production process execution system of a manufacturing enterprise. It is a production information management system for the execution layer of the manufacturing enterprise.


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