Transient EM Pulse Protection

SLK is devoted to designing and manufacturing of RF coaxial transient electromagnetic pulse [TEMP] protection devices, providing strong transient electromagnetic pulse [TEMP] protection technologies, products and solutions for sensitive wireless equipment and systems.

Scope of application
  • Oil and gas field, data acquisition and monitoring system (SCADA), intercom communication system (Two-Way Radio), railway transportation communication system (GSM-R) microwave communication, wireless broadband access (WPA), aviation and navigation equipment, etc.
Product advantages
  • RF performance:  Wide working frequency, low VSWR and low loss, large RF transmission power.
  • Protection performance: fast response, small residual voltage and energy, high energy tolerance.
  • Reliability and environmental adaptability: good consistency, wide working temperature, strong environmental adaptability, high reliability.
  • Customer experience: versatile, compatible, maintenance-free, easy to manage, time and cost saving.
  • IP68 environmental protection level and comply to special environmental requirements.