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Davy Qiao

Davy Qiao is currently the General Manager
of Shenzhe site mainly responsible for Finance,
Legal, HR, and manufactur. 

Davy has been the GM of Shenzhen site since
2014.  His previous career before his joining
Superlink in 2007 includes 4 years at STACI in
China as the manager of EMS BU, and 9 years
in Nortel China as the roles of leader for quality
and supply management.

Sundy Guo

Sundy Guo is currently Marketing Director of
Superlink Corporation, in charge of marketing
and sales of North China.  He has more
than 10 years of experience of sales and
marketing in RF and Microwave industries. 



Draon Hu is currently Vice GM responsible for
Marketing and Sales. Dragon had worked for
Nortel for over 8 yeas, before he joined
Superlink.  He is very professional in
business development and program management. 
He has been a qualified PMP for over 5 years. 


Tony Shen

Tony Shen is currently the President of Superlink
Corporation. Tony is the originator of the company
and has been the President since May 2014.  Hehad
been working for Amphenol for 6 years in engineering
and R&D fields, before he started his new enterprise.
He is very specialized in connection solution
development and realization, especially Radio
Frequency and Micro-wave.


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