SI integrated protection device
SI device is a strong transient electromagnetic pulse [TEMP] protection integration scheme. According to the customer's system protection requirements, it integrates various strong transient electromagnetic pulse protection modules, grounding, high-performance RF cable components, provides customers with an integrated strong electromagnetic pulse protection scheme, and can provide effective engineering solutions for strong transient electromagnetic pulse [TEMP] protection and related problems that customers are concerned about, It is a value-added service for customers to save costs and speed up the product launch.
SI device realizes the industry's effective strong electromagnetic pulse protection, excellent RF performance, reliable grounding and shielding, high integration of various frequency bands and other comprehensive performance, and is an effective integrated protection scheme and product of strong transient electromagnetic pulse [TEMP] for sensitive key parts of coaxial wireless equipment and systems.
RF Performance
Broadband, multi band compatibility /
Low standing wave and low insertion loss /
Compatible with multiple RF interfaces /
Protection Performance
Multiple pulse impulse withstand capability /
RF connector maximum transient impulse withstand capability /
Low residual voltage and residual energy /
Scope of application
  • Wireless broadband access system
  • Ship systems
  • Mobile base station systems(4G/LTE Cell Site)
Product family
  • SIBP -- Integrated backplane and module classes for protection, grounding and cable assemblies;
  • SIEX -- Transient pulse protection high performance RF cable assemblies