RF Surge Arrestor

RF Surge Arrestor is an electromagnetic safety shield and insurance device for the front door channel of wireless electronic information equipment. It can suppress and absorb all kinds of strong electromagnetic pulse interference energy and provide strong electromagnetic pulse protection for sensitive parts of various wireless electronic information equipment. It is widely used in 5G, intelligent unmanned systems, high-speed rail and rail transit, wireless detection, navigation, electronic countermeasures, wireless communication and other fields.

  • Engineering and technical capabilities: Focus on high-end products and customer-specific protection needs design. RF surge arrestor and RF transmission performance optimization design. Strong RF surge arrestor protection covers lightning electromagnetic pulse and surge LEMP, ESD and other types of multi-pulse and scheme integration. Meet IP68 environmental protection level and special environmental use needs. Broadband coverage from DC to 8GHz and above, low standing wave and low insertion loss, RF front-end comprehensive integration. Excellent comprehensive protection ability, fast corresponding speed, low residual voltage and low component-level clamping voltage (or below 10VDC).
  • RF Performance: Wide operating frequency band (BW), small standing wave and loss, high RF transmission power.
  • Protection performance: Fast response, small residual voltage and energy, high energy tolerance.
  • Reliability and environmental adaptability: Good consistency, wide operating temperature, strong environmental adaptability, high reliability.
  • Customer Experience: Versatile, compatible, maintenance-free, easy to manage, time and cost saving.
  • Value Transfer: Focus on customer protection problems and needs, and improve customer product quality, technology and value.