5G Communications

SLK provides a variety of millimeter wave coaxial cable assemblies, multi-channel components and connectors for 5G mobile communication development and production, each series of product structure has been subjected to rigorous experimental tests, providing industry-leading signal fidelity and unique reliable and secure connectors for 5G communications, with 110GHz high-frequency connector design capabilities, ensuring the flow of information before wireless devices.

Connector is a key device to ensure successful communication, every day, tens of billions of people rely on mobile phones and other devices for communication, millions of units of communication equipment for signal transmission, 5G for the current generation of mainstream mobile network standards, high frequency and high rate transmission has achieved excellent connector rapid development, low loss, high rate, high reliability and high technical product concept is Superlink has always believed in, Superlink has been ready for the important transmission joints in 5G equipment, With innovative RF connector components and industry-standardized products, it can cope with the rapid development of 5G communication.

As a new type of mobile communication network, 5G should not only solve the communication between people, provide users with more immersive and ultimate business experience such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and ultra-high-definition (3D) video, but also solve the communication problems between people and things, and meet the needs of Internet of Things applications such as mobile medical care, Internet of Vehicles, smart home, industrial control, and environmental monitoring. In the end, 5G will penetrate into all industries and fields of the economy and society, and become a key new infrastructure to support the digital, networked, and intelligent transformation of the economy and society

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