High-Speed Signal & Optical Module
SLK can provide products and solutions in the field of high-speed signal testing, for tests on impedance, return loss, attenuation, eye diagram, error code, time delay and other parameters.
SPC Test Cable
  • Superlink is one of the few vertical integration ability in world, we have connector & cable with intellectual property rights, innovation design, production and processing ability, high-precision assembly, high-precision welding process, to provide customers with high performance, high reliable products.
Test Leads
  • The self-innovated N-bend series can compete with the Tflex series Multiflex cable, stable amplitude and phase, high cost performance.
PCB Solder-less Connector
  • Vertical/End Launch RF Connector, solder-less, HFSS simulation, support high frequency PCB of micro-strip, coplanar waveguide, strip-line.
MRT Multi-channel Connector
  • Self-developed innovative solution for high-speed signal testing. MRT multi-channel connector, frequency up to 67GHz. 1X4, 2X4, 1X8, 2X8 standard series. solder-less type, good isolation, low time-delay, return loss is better than competing products, customized design is also available.