High Power Product Applications

SLK high-power coaxial products are designed to provide RF energy-driven connectivity solutions for semiconductor/photovoltaic manufacturing equipment, and are widely used in semiconductor etching and deposition processes, as well as thin film deposition processes for photovoltaics. The products have been used on a large scale by mainstream manufacturers at home and abroad, and at the same time provide rapid customized delivery services of multiple varieties and small batches. Provide a variety of high-power coaxial cables, support 400KHz~60MHz RF and 2.45GHz microwave applications.

High Power RF Application
  • SLK RF high-power interconnect products are designed for industrial RF power systems to transmit RF energy. Products are widely used in Semiconductor manufacturing, Photovoltaic cell manufacturing, Medical imaging diagnostics, High-power radar and high power laser, etc. Products are widely used in domestic and foreign mainstream manufacturers
  • High-power connectors cover from N, HN, 7/16DIN, LC to various sizes of EIA interfaces, providing a push-in interface compatible with QR and SQS, and a unique tail locking reinforcement design to effectively prevent the connector from disengaging.
  • Panel connectors are available in a variety of tail configurations, including QC Push-in, M5 thread, UNS hex bolts, Ring Lug ring wirings, and more, for a variety of RF power and matcher applications, as well as the need for quick replacement installations in the lab.