Medical Device Applications
SLK provides comprehensive connector products, suitable for all kinds of medical technology fields. Products have been in domestic and foreign famous medical manufacturers worldwide.
SLK can provide hybrid connection, combining signal, power, high current, high voltage, high frequency signal (coaxial) to provide a reliable customized transmission connection scheme for new healthcare technologies.
Fault protection:
  • Full and stable process control to avoid production variation
Signal integrity
  • SLK Connector always transmits signals with stable and high quality through high precision structure control ensure the reliable connection of instruments and equipment.
  • Right image: MRI
Product safety
  • Through enhanced structure design & special lock system to avoid accidental disconnection even after a long time of use.
  • Left image: CT
Medical Equipment - Customized Wiring Harnesses
  • SLK develops a wide range of standard or customized wire harnesses for all kinds of medical devices, creating precise and individual solutions for your daily medical needs.
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