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Six characteristics of buying coaxial RF connectors

RF Coaxial connectors can be used to transmit radio frequency signals with a transmission frequency range of up to 110 GHz. It has the advantages of small size, light weight, convenient use, etc., and is widely used in fields such as radar, communications, data transmission and aerospace equipment.

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The definition, characteristics and selection of RF connectors

A RF coaxial connector is an electrical connector designed to work at radio frequencies in the megahertz range. RF connectors are often used with coaxial cables and are designed to maintain the shielding provided by the coaxial design. A better model can also minimize the change in impedance of the

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Common RF coaxial connector applications and frequencies

RF connectors are mainly divided into three categories: RF coaxial connectors, RF triaxial connectors and dual-core symmetrical RF connectors.1. RF coaxial: mainly used to transmit transverse electromagnetic waves (TEM waves);2. Radio frequency triaxial: mainly used in occasions with higher requirem

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RF Connectors Frequency Range Chart

There are more than 75 different RF Coaxial Connectors that can be used in wireless systems. Superlink(SLK) has developed a RF Connector Frequency chart that can be used as a reference chart to tell you the max frequency (cutoff frequency) of each connector type. It is recommended not to operate RF

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Superlink participated in China (Shenzhen) International Semiconductor/5G/Emerging Applications Exhibition

Superlink participated in China (Shenzhen) International Semiconductor/5G/Emerging Applications Exhibition from December 8th to 10th Shenzhen International Semiconductor/5G/Emerging Application Exhibition (Semiexpo Shenzhen) is jointly organized by China Communications Industry Association, Shenzhen

RF coaxial connector:The Complete Types 2020

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RF coaxial connectors:Classification, Size and Application

The RF coaxial connector is a subdivision of electronic connectors and a hot topic. Below, Superlink Technology (SLK) will provide some professional introductions to the classification, size and application of RF coaxial connectors.RF coaxial connectors are divided into four categories based on thei

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RF coaxial connector industry status

Since the 1960s, China has developed and produced RF connectors from the whole machine factory. In the 1970s, production was carried out by professional manufacturers. In the 1980s, according to the self-reliance policy, the Soviet Union products were mainly used. In the 1980s, international common

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Connector Picture | Connector Features and Benefits

A connector generally refers to an electrical connector, a device that connects two active devices, to carry current or signals. Connectors, like air and water, seem inconspicuous, but they play a very important role. Today, Superlink(SLK) Connector Company will show you some Connector Pictures, in

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Superlink's Exhibition in EuMW 2018

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