Intelligent driving
Intelligent driving, as an important component of strategic emerging industries, is the first exciting movement that emerged in the process from the Internet era to the artificial intelligence era. It is also one of the strategic high points for the world's new round of economic and technological development. The development of intelligent driving is of great significance for promoting national technology, economy, society, life, safety, and comprehensive national strength.
Fakra products
  • FAKRA connector is a type of connector used for RF signal transmission. Its excellent electrical, mechanical, and environmental performance enables it to be widely used in automotive antenna fields such as in car AM/FM, GPS global positioning system, Bluetooth, in car internet, remote control, and keyless access.
SMB products
  • SMB is a small push in RF coaxial connector with the characteristics of small size, light weight, convenient use, and excellent electrical performance. It is suitable for connecting coaxial cables in high-frequency circuits of radio equipment and electronic instruments
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