Intelligent Device RF Testing
SLK provides various micro RF SW test probes, micro RF socket test probes, multi-channel RF Board to Board test adapter for mobile phones and other intelligent devices, and test leads as well.
RF SW Test Probe & Calibration Adapter
  • From the 1st generation to the 6th generation, covering the major manufacturers, we can quickly provide cost-effective products and solutions, including adapters, test leads, calibration gauges, etc.
Mini RF Test Probe
  • Mini RF receptacle and RF SW structure is different, we can provide strong compatibility of test products and solutions.
RF Board to Board Micro-socket Test Probe
  • Our unique and innovative RF Board to Board test probe solution, it can be customized for customers as well.
Test Leads
  • The Tflex cable are recommended for test lead, which corresponds to our model Nbend 400/260/180. The interface is customizable.