SPC precision test cable assemblies
SPC precision test cable assemblies include VA, K, and KN series.
VA test cable is a test cable with low VSWR, which can be up to 110GHz. VA test cable also has excellent performance and precision, steady amplitude and phase. The advanced cable construction and the most resistant armor are applied in it.
K test cable is a high performance, cost-effective and durable test cable,  which designed for a broad range of test and interconnect applications.
Electrical Performance
Characteristic impedance 50 Ohm
Frequency range 18~110 GHz
Medium pressure N/A
Return loss >16 dB
Mechanical behavior
Minimum bending radius 30mm/30mm/20mm/54mm/54mm/54mm
Cable outer diameter 6mm/5mm/4.9mm/11mm/10.2mm/10.2mm
Product family VA70/VA/K/KP/KR/KS
Product Features
  • Low loss and low VSWR
  • Steady amplitude and phase
  • Crush resistance (up to 1000 N) with armor
  • Durability - lower measurement cost
  • Good bending flexibility, various armors for options
Application scenarios
  • VNA Measurements
  • RF/Microwave Test Instruments
  • Production Test Stations
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests

Product List