Board-to-Board Connectors

‘Board-to-Board’ (or B2B) RF connection is defined as a means for transmitting an RF signal between two parallel RF printed circuit boards (PCB) using RF connectors.

Superlink board-to-board connections therefore offer designers a high degree of flexibility with regard to alignment tolerances, simplifying the entire production process. A key feature is the adapter (bullet). This maintains transmission integrity in the event of slight axial and radial misalignment.

Superlink adaptors enable radial tolerance compensation/Axial Misalignment/Radial Misalignment compensation/Axial Misalignment/Radial Misalignment.

Tolerance: The system’s ability to adequately mate and consistently perform in the least optimal mated condition.

Axial Misalignment: The minimum and maximum distance between mated PCBs, allowing the bullet to sit out of its nominal position.

Radial Misalignment: The maximum angle of the bullet adapter when mated between PCBs that still maintains consistent expected performance.

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