Waveguide Coaxial Converter

RF signal transmission is divided into wireless and wired transmission methods, most scenarios require transmission lines for signal transmission, of which coaxial lines and waveguide are most widely used; when the two transmission lines are interconnected, waveguide coaxial converters are needed.

Waveguide coaxial converters are widely used in various radar systems, test equipment and subway and airport signal systems.

Electrical Performance
Characteristic impedance 50 Ω
Frequency range 60-90GHz
Medium pressure N/A
Insulation resistance <0.70 dB
Return loss >16 dB
Mechanical Behavior
  • Maximum torque of 1.0mm connector: 0.70 NM
  • Recommended torque of 1.0mm connector: 0.35 NM
  • Recommended torque wr12: 1.10 NM
  • Gauge of 1.0mm connector: 0.00~0.05 mm
Features and Advantages
  • Use frequencies up to 110GHz.
  • Coaxial and waveguide signal conversion can be realized.