New Energy Storage

The electrode connectors for energy storage batteries are hot-swappable for fast, safe and cost-effective installation of energy storage systems for applications up to 1,500 V. The advantages of front-of-board and back-of-board connection technology are combined.

Key Features
  • The pins are silver-plated to ensure a long-term stable connection.
  • No mis-insertion: Reverse polarity protection for battery connection via mechanical coding.
  • Safe installation: The battery module is also protected against electric shock when not plugged in.
  • Wide range of colors: easy identification of electrodes.
  • 360° rotation: suitable for adjustable cable outlets.
  • Rated voltage: up to 1500V DC.
  • Rated current up to 500A.
  • Protection level: IP66/IP67/IP68.
Main Advantage
  • Connection technology that can withstand voltages up to 1500 V for future applications.
  • The battery module can be connected to the front or back for flexible use.
  • Pluggable interface, no cabling, quick installation.
  • The connector also provides full protection against electric shock when unplugged for safe installation and maintenance.
  • Clear feedback during plug-in, durable connection and strong safety.
DC power connector - electric motorcycle powertrain connection scheme
  • Quick plugging.
  • Mechanical power-off function.
  • 2 power + 3 signals.
  • Withstand voltage: >1000V.
  • Rated current: DC 35A MAX.
  • Durability: >3000 cycles.
  • IP rating: IP65/67.

Energy storage connector - quick plug-in type
Performance metrics 6.0mm 8.0mm 10.3mm 14mm
Rated current 60A~125A 125A~/250A 250A~350A 250A/500A
Temperature range -40°C~125°C -40°C~125°C -40°C~125°C -40°C~125°C
Rated voltage 1500V 1500V 1500V 1500V
Test the voltage 3000V AC 3000V AC 4000V AC 4000V AC
Fire rating UL 94-V0 UL 94-V0 UL 94-V0 UL 94-V0
Protection level IP67 IP67 IP67 IP67
Wiring range 10~25mm2 25~70mm2 70~90mm2 120~150mm2
Insulation resistance 5000MΩ MIN 5000MΩ MIN 5000MΩ MIN 5000MΩ MIN
Life span >100 cycles >100 cycles >100 cycles >100 cycles
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