DX composite cascade type protective device
Broadband high-performance radio frequency (RF) transmission path and direct current (DC) coaxial feed path composite cascade (RF+DC PATH) fine protection device, using RF coupled DC isolation path and DC (DC) coaxial feed path parallel multiplexing technology to realize the synchronous protection of RF transmission path and DC path; The rapid response cascade transient suppression technology and push-pull voltage limiting technology are used to limit the lightning electromagnetic pulse [LEMP] and its surge voltage within the embedded voltage range of the suppression device, so as to realize the effective all-weather lightning electromagnetic pulse (LEMP) and its surge fine protection of the key coaxial components of wireless equipment and system.
DX includes four series of products: DC power path special protection DS, RF transmission path and DC feed path composite protection DX, RF path and DC bias branch composite protection DXJ, and extended band DE.
RF Performance
Broadband coverage 700-2700MHz, RF channel filtering
VSWR ≤1.1:1
Insertion loss ≤0.1dB
RF power transmission capability PRMS ≤ 300W
Protection Performance
Cascade protection, multiple pulse impact resistance In=10kA X10
Maximum transient impulse withstand capability Imax=20kA X 1
Residual voltage Ures≤10VDC±20%
Residual energy Jres≤20uJ±20%

Scope of application
  • Navigation system(GPS/Timing System)
  • Railway transport communication system(GSM-R)
  • Mobile communication base station system(BTS)
Product family
  • Special protection DS for DC power path
  • RF path and DC path compound protection DX
  • The RF path and the DC bias branch are combined to protect DXJ
  • Wideband DE series