CX universal broadband straight isolation type
The universal broadband DC barrier type lightning electromagnetic pulse (LEMP) protection device uses DC barrier technology to achieve low residual voltage and residual energy in the industry, and provides effective lightning electromagnetic pulse (LEMP) and surge protection for coaxial sensitive key components on LF&MF&HF&VHF&UHF wireless systems and equipment. CX products include CX, CC, CH, CM, CN, CF, CL and other series of products.
RF Performance
Frequency range 1.5-1000MHz, RF channel filtering
VSWR ≤1.2:1
Insertion loss ≤0.2dB
RF power transmission capability PRMS ≤2.0KW@1.5-50MHz, 375W@50-220MHz
≤125W@220-700MHz, 50W@700-2100MHz
Protection Performance
Multiple pulse impulse withstand capability In=10kAx10
Maximum transient impulse withstand capability Imax=50kAx1
Low residual voltage Ures≤200VDC±20%
Low residual energy Jres≤50uJ±20%
Scope of application
  • Data acquisition and monitoring system(SCADA)
  • Intercom communication system(Two-Way Radio)
  • aviation and navigation equipment, etc
Product family
  • Broadband (1.5-1000MHz) DC isolation type (CC, CH, CM, CX, CN, etc.)
  • (80-700MHz) High-pass filtered DC isolation type (CL)
  • Broadband (DC-3000MHz) DC Isolation Fine Protection (CF)