RF Cable Assemblies

Cable assembly consists of one or several cables. The ends of each cable can be connected with required connectors by crimping、welding or spining,As a key part of the transmission system, the performance of the cable assembly will seriously affect the quality of the transmission system. The performance depends not only on the performance of the cable and connector, but also on the assembling process of the cable assembly. There are many cases of substandard performance or product failure of cable components due to improper assembly process of connectors. As a company with design, development, processing, electroplating, assembly, injection molding and testing capabilities of a full range of connectors, cables and cable components, Superlink has rich experience in design and production and high standard technology. Ensure to provide users with high reliability, high quality products.

Electronic characteristics
4.3-10 MALE S/T
4.3-10 MALE R/A TO
4.3-10 MALE R/A
Impedance 50Ω 50Ω
Frequency range DC~4GHz DC~4GHz
Insulation resistance >5000MΩ >5000MΩ
Contact resistance(center contact) <1.0MΩ <1.0MΩ
Contact resisitance(outer contact) <1.0MΩ <1.0MΩ
Voltage rating 335V 335V
Dielectric withstand voltage >1000V >1000V
VSWR MAX <1.15@DC-4GHz <1.2@DC-4GHz
3rd intermodulation <-160dBc <-160dBc
Mechanical characteristics
4.3-10 MALE S/T
4.3-10 MALE R/A TO
4.3-10 MALE R/A
Cable static bending radius >25mm >25mm
Cable retention force >100lbs >100lbs
Nut tension >100lbs >100lbs
Nut torgue >70in.lbs >70in.lbs
Durability >500 >500
Environmental parameter
Temperature range -55~85℃ -55~85℃
Common RF cable assembly
  • Used for interconnection within or between radio modules,usually require the interface is fast matching and the internal space is small. The main performance index is low VSWR and low loss. The interface usually as SMA, SSMA, SMB,SSMB, MCX,MMCX, SMP, SSMP,BNC, TNC, BMA,SBMA etc....,The matching cable is usually as RG174,RG316,RG142,LMR100,LMR195,LMR240,RG405,RG402,RG58 etc....

Antenna feed jumper
  • For the antenna feed system of 4G&5G mobile communication base stations, the interface is usually required to be screw tight, durable and reliable, and its main performance indicators are low VSWR, low loss and low intermodulation. Interfaces are usually DIN, N, 4.3-10, etc. Matching cables are usually RG174, RG316, RG142, LMR100, LMR195, LMR240, RG405, RG402, RG58, etc.
High-power radio cable assembly
  • Used in semiconductor production equipment, photovoltaic production equipment, high power laser equipment, optical coating equipment, dry etching equipment, plasma cleaning equipment, HTI film equipment feed transmission, usually requires the interface to screw tight, durable, high reliability, its main performance index requirements are ultra-high power (> 5KW), low frequency, roughly 400K~60Mhz, the interface is usually N, HN, DIN, QRM, LC, SQS, UHF, SHV, MHV, etc. Adapter cables are usually RG213, RG217, RG218, RG393, SPT1400, etc.
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