How to use the RF connector ?


In communication systems, RF coaxial connectors are widely used in the connection of device ports and equipment, in various forms and different usages. During the use process, many friends will have questions about whether their use is correct and whether it will cause damage to the product. Today we will sort out the use of RF connectors.

There are four typical ways of mating and mating RF connectors: nut screw connection, quick-plug self-locking, blind mating mating, and on-site installation.

Nut screw connection

Appearance shows the fit of external thread and nut, and there is a wrench face on the nut side for tool tightening.

Note: When tightening the nut, it is necessary to fix the male and female heads of the radio frequency connector, so that the rest except the nut is in a fixed and static state.

Quick plug self-locking

Quick-plug self-locking connectors are usually used in scenarios where space is limited or working hours are limited. The product is convenient and quick to use and has high mechanical strength.

Note: When disconnecting, you need to back the unlocking screw sleeve to separate the male and female heads.

Blind mating

In most scenarios, a three-piece connection from the PCB board to the board or to the filter cavity. SMT welding on the PCB board side, crimping or screwing of the filter cavity. Usually the lower side is set as the locking end for fixing, and the upper side is the sliding end, which realizes the axial tolerance function.

Note: The radial tolerance of the shaft is considered when selecting the model, and the plate spacing needs to be calculated correctly. When multiple channels are used, the cumulative position tolerance between channels is considered.

On-site installation

The radio frequency connector for base station will be installed on site after the on-site wiring is completed. The basic use method is the same as the first type of screw-on nut. Note: Use professional tools when connecting cables and connectors, and strictly follow the operating instructions. SLK field-installed connectors have separate matching operation instructions and professional tools can be provided.

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