The role and development prospects of RF connectors


Frequency connectors can be far and near in people's lives, but in our daily life, we cannot do without RF connectors. They play an important role in our daily life, so we can learn more and more Learn about RF connectors.

In addition to the requirements of general characteristics, RF connectors also have very important requirements, which are good touch, reliable operation, and convenient maintenance. The unreliable operation of the RF connector will directly affect the normal operation of the power supply circuit of the aircraft, and even affect the safety of the entire host. Therefore, the host power circuit has very strict requirements on the quality and stability of the RF connector. .

There are three common classifications of RF connectors: appearance design, structure, and main purpose.

1、appearance design

Ring RF connector: mostly used in satellite communication

Rectangular RF connector: simple structure, mostly used for printed pcb circuit boards of electronic products


The composition of the fixed-end RF connector (female contact piece-power socket) and the free-end RF connector (male contact piece-power plug). The power socket is fixed on the power consumption component according to its square (round) plate (certainly or by welding), the power plug is generally connected to the cable, and the power plug and power socket are connected through the docking screw cap.

Structural features of RF connectors: resistance to natural environment, interface type (rapid) docking, multi-button (wrong insertion prevention), touch body

The three basic elements of the RF connector are composed of the shell, the conductor and the insulator, the contact body and the power line riveted butt joint, (single pick-up and delivery are convenient for common fault resolution).


Refers to the casing of the socket plug, the connecting screw cap, and the end fittings.

The role of the casing is to protect the internal components of the RF connector such as conductors, insulators and contact bodies (collectively referred to as pin sockets) from being damaged. The positioning key slot on the top ensures the precise positioning of the plug and socket. Connecting screw caps are used for connecting and disconnecting the power socket. The tail fittings are used to protect the connection between the power line and the contact body line from damage and to fix the cable.

The housing has a certain magnetic shielding effect, which together with the shielding ring can ensure 360° interference signal shielding ability.

The shell is generally made of aluminum alloy processing (machining, hot forging, aluminum die-casting). Steel shells are mostly used for glass breaking and heat-resistant RF connectors.

2)conductors and insulators

It is composed of pin and socket conductors and insulators, socket conductors and insulators, interface sealing bodies, and line sealing bodies.

Promote the needle socket to be stable on the set position, and make the electrical insulation between each contact body and the contact body and the shell.

Use conductors and insulators plus interface seals and wire seals to obtain sealing measures, thereby improving the environmental resistance of RF connectors.

Most of the conductors and insulators are made of thermosetting plastic rubber and plastic products, and the interface sealing body and line sealing body are made of silicone molding. It can better integrate the heat resistance, low temperature and flame resistance of the product, so as to ensure the stable and reliable component geometry.

3)touch body

It is composed of a male contact body and a female contact body (also known as pin sockets and sockets).

Welding, crimping, press-in, and wrapping are common interface methods for contact bodies, and the key is to complete the connection of power circuits.

The pin socket is an important component of the RF connector, which directly affects the stability of the RF connector. Most of the pin sockets are machined from alloy copper with excellent electrical conductivity, and the surface is gold-plated and electroplated to achieve the purpose of low contact resistance and corrosion resistance. Sockets generally include split groove body sockets, wire spring sockets, crown spring sockets and punching sockets.

3、The main purpose

RF RF connectors, sealed RF connectors (glass sealing), high temperature RF connectors, etc.

Future trends

With the development of science and technology in the future, the high quality and high reliability of RF connectors will grow to perfection in the high-tech, sophisticated and cutting-edge industry.

1、Development of high-speed and high-frequency RF connector technology

With the prevalence of the 5G network era, the high data information and high transmission requirements of 5G are doomed to require the upgrade of the characteristics of RF connectors. RF connectors are responsible for the conversion of optical signals and electronic signals in 5G communications.

2、Development of RF connector technology with higher precision and lower cost

in the automotive trading market, automotive connectors are a very large sales market, and vehicles have very high safety requirements. With the development of pure electric vehicles, the requirements for precision and cost of RF connectors are getting higher and higher, which makes RF connectors more popular.

3、Develop smaller, more convenient and faster RF connector technology

The previous RF connector was used for many contacts, and most of them were added in the expansion card slot. In the development of the 5G era, a piece of fiber optic equipment may have dozens of RF connectors, making the RF connectors must be more compact and able to perform excellent docking.

In this period of rapid development of RF connectors, it is necessary to keep up with the pace, update and upgrade, so as to better solve the challenges that will arise in the future. The growth of RF connectors is also to better and stronger to ensure the quality of people's lives

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