Analysis on the development direction of connectors in the AI era


In recent years, society has gradually moved towards the era of intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered an important part of the fourth industrial revolution. Smart homes, unmanned supermarkets, connected cars, smart transportation, smart cities, etc. The concept has already begun to be implemented.

These are the complete set of intelligent processes through intelligent identification, processing, and feedback.

If AI is compared to the human brain and intelligent hardware to the human body, then the connector is equivalent to the human meridian and plays an indispensable role.

It can be said that the rapid development of AI is accelerating the development process of the connector industry.

A large number of revolutionary high-tech electronic products enable connector manufacturers to accelerate the pace of research and development.

In particular, domestic connector manufacturers do not have an advantage in their technical level. In the era of intelligence, it is necessary to accelerate the pace of research and development and meet the needs of high-tech development in order to gain a foothold in the future.

So with the emergence of AI, where is the development direction of connectors?

1. Precision. This is inevitable under the current framework. Human needs continue to increase, and more and more smart devices are miniaturized and sophisticated, such as smart phones, wearable devices, etc., and the space for connectors is greatly restricted. Miniaturization and precision are the future development trend.

2. High-speed transmission. AI does not mean having the best computing power. The key is to master a huge amount of data. AI means that the operation speed is very fast, which requires the connector to provide high-speed transmission functions.

3. Stable. Whether it is now or in the future, security and stability have always been a very important issue, especially in the AI era. The stability of the big data transmission signal is the primary problem we want to solve.

4. Intelligent. We can imagine what will happen if the connector becomes intelligent, every link is becoming intelligent, the pattern of the connector industry will be reshuffled, and the human-machine collaboration will be fully integrated in the future.

The emergence of artificial intelligence has brought many conveniences to life, and it has also brought huge changes to all walks of life. Many domestic companies have already taken the lead in participating in this intelligent era, such as Alibaba, JD.com, Baidu, etc. Domestic connector companies need to speed up their pace and keep up with the great era of intelligent development.