Products | Y50 Circular Connector


There are three series of Y50 series circular connectors, imperial series, metric series and power series. Among them, the imperial series products conform to GJB598A (MIL-C-26482), and the metric series products conform to GJB101A. This product adopts the bayonet type connection system, which has the characteristics of quick connection and quick separation, small size and so on. The plug has various cable installation forms, such as clamping type, grounding compression type, anti-wave and anti-pull type, etc. The cable outlets are equipped with various sealing methods of different specifications, which enhance the waterproof, dustproof and anti-position performance of cables and connectors, so as to be suitable for different working environments.


It is used in strategic and tactical systems, electronic countermeasure systems, field operation communication signal connection systems, asatellite communication and test tracking systems, computer systems, post and telecommunications railway command systems, imported medical equipment and other telecommunication signal connections.

Product parameters:

Connector material

electrical properties


Passivation of stainless steel

Rated voltage

normal temperature:600V


Advanced Thermoplastics

Hot and humid state:600V

Sealing body and sealing ring

Silicone Rubber

withstand voltage:1500V

contact piece

Gold Plated Copper Alloy

Contact resistance

< 3.0 mΩ

Insulation resistance

>3000 MΩ

Mechanical behavior

Environmental performance

mechanical durability

> 500 cycles

salt spray



frequency10~2000Hz,acceleration 196m/s2

Operating temperature

-55 ℃~+105 ℃





In order to prevent plugs and sockets that have the same contact arrangement and are used on the same device but transmit different signals from being mis-inserted, the connector housing has keys with different angles, which can be assembled according to customer requirements