Talent strategy
Talents are the foundation of enterprise development. As regards human resources as the first resource of the enterprise, Xulian implements the strategy of strengthening the enterprise with talents, and advocates the principle of "talents before strategy".
Employment standards
  • Having both ability and political integrity and putting morality first: every swiftlink person needs to abide by the basic professional standards;
  • Adhere to the principle of making full use of people's talents: in employing people, we must use their strengths, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, put the right people on the right posts, and select talents regardless of education background, seniority, identity and style.
  • Pragmatic and innovative, any success is the result of bit by bit accumulation. We hope that the quick connect people can start from the basic work, step by step, steadily and continuously develop and innovate in products, services, technology and management, and become the "pillars" of the team.
  • With a good team spirit, we do not advocate individual heroism, but team operations. Every member of the team is proud of his team and works together to achieve the team goals.
  • Lianhe promises to provide every employee with a healthy and safe working environment, so that every quick contact person can achieve a win-win situation of company and personal values on a challenging working platform.
Compensation and benefits
The company adheres to the principle that the employees' salaries are market-oriented, combined with their personal abilities, and attracts excellent talents to join the company at a salary level higher than the market. The company has established a broad-band salary system combining position and ability, and has twice a year salary adjustment opportunities, so that every contributing employee can enjoy preferential treatment. In addition to the fixed salary items, the company has also set up a number of variable short-term incentive items such as "performance bonus", "project bonus", "year-end bonus", "excellent employee Award", "Service Star Award", "Bole Award", "best outstanding performance award", "patent Award" and "sales commission Award" according to the actual contribution and performance results of employees. With rich bonuses and a strong sense of honor, it provides powerful material and spiritual incentives to employees who set a benchmark and an example. While paying attention to the timeliness of short-term incentives, the company also pays attention to the sustainability of long-term incentives, and gives outstanding talents, core backbones and employees with outstanding contributions to hold shares in the company. It also provides learning opportunities and development space for all employees, designs promotion channels for employees in different business lines (management line, technical line, professional line and sales line), and makes career planning for employees. The company advocates the spirit of pragmatism, innovation and pursuit of excellence. As long as you are willing to work, dare to break new ground, keep forging ahead and create good results, you will get satisfactory remuneration and broad development space!
  • [working hours]: 8 hours a day, 5 days and 8 hours a day.
  • [worry free accommodation]: the company is an independent Park, with working area, living area, canteen and basketball court. It provides free accommodation and fruit twice a week.
  • [Social Insurance]: after joining the company, the company will purchase five insurances and one fund for you.
  • [group activities]: regularly hold badminton, basketball, table tennis and other recreational activities; The annual group travel enables everyone to enjoy their body and mind, work happily and live happily while working hard.
  • [overtime allowance] provide working milk, snacks, etc. for overtime workers.
  • [holiday gifts] the company will give a beautiful gift to employees on their birthdays, Mid Autumn Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and other holidays.
  • [leave] provide a humanized leave mechanism according to the requirements of legal holidays.
  • [office environment] the company provides comfortable office environment for employees. The room is equipped with central air conditioning, refrigerator, table tennis table and other living and entertainment facilities to ensure the combination of work and rest.
Talent training and development
  • The human resources center of the company shoulders the important task of cultivating talents and improving the ability of employees and teams for the company. In terms of talent training, adhering to the strategy orientation, it is committed to providing all employees with learning and development opportunities, giving full play to their maximum potential, making every effort to build a "learning organization", and cultivating talents who agree with enterprise values, have excellent character and top-notch ability.
  • The company has established a sound training system to provide targeted course systems for employees with different ability levels based on their abilities and job requirements and skills; There are special training, external training, various video training, internal training combined with external lecturers to provide rich and colorful training content for the company's employees. Let employees at different levels receive targeted training to help each employee continuously improve and develop themselves. A tutor mechanism has been developed to enable the new forces of the accelerator to quickly integrate into the team and take up their posts quickly.
  • The company has industry university research cooperation and talent training cooperation with major universities to provide employees with opportunities for further study and help them improve their cultural quality and academic level. We encourage our employees to bring in and go out to learn more, so as to improve their personal comprehensive ability and the core competitiveness of the company.
Talent development
There are sound career development channels (management line, technical line, sales line and professional line) in the company, so that the promotion and development of employees are everywhere. Employees can obtain development opportunities through internal recruitment, job rotation, competitive recruitment, recommendation and promotion. The perfect internal talent training and development system and the broad stage will make your journey full of brilliant sunshine!