PCB board end connector
The FAKRA connector belongs to the coaxial signal transmission connector, which was initially mainly used for the transmission of RF signals. After the emergence of coaxial and LVDS signal conversion ICs in the market, its application scope expanded to the field of video signal transmission, and was widely used in the field of automotive electronic entertainment systems. It is an important component for signal transmission between on-board multimedia devices. The FAKRA connector has the characteristics of good shielding and signal stability, fast transmission rate, high cost-effectiveness, and small size.

SMB is a small push-in RF coaxial connector with characteristics such as small size, light weight, convenient use, and excellent electrical performance. It is suitable for connecting coaxial cables in high-frequency circuits of radio equipment and electronic instruments. The internal contact of the FAKRA connector is the SMB connector.

Electrical performance
Characteristic impedance 50 Ohm
Frequency range 0-6 GHz
working voltage 335 V(rms)
Carrying capacity ≤1A DC
standing-wave ratio DC-2Ghz ≥18dB (Ref VSWR 1.29)
2Ghz-6Ghz ≥14dB(Ref VSWR 1.5)
mechanical properties
Insertion and unplugging times (standard) ≥25
Insertion force ≤25N
separating force ≥2N
Retention force ≥110N
Anti Misinsertion Force ≥80N
Main characteristics
  • transmission frequency:DC~6GHz
  • ambient temperature:-40℃~105 ℃
  • Multi color coding, mechanical error prevention
application area
  • On board AM/FM
  • GPS system
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • vehicle navigation
  • In car entertainment
  • Assisted driving