Line end connector
MiniFAKRA connectors belong to the next generation of miniaturized products of FAKRA connectors. In recent years, with the rapid development of intelligent vehicles, they have been rapidly promoted and applied in batches, serving as a key high-performance interface for intelligent vehicle computer control systems. Compared to traditional FAKRA products, this interface supports data transmission up to 20Gbps, reducing installation space by 80%,
Electrical performance
Characteristic impedance 50 Ohm
Frequency range 0-20 GHz
working voltage 60VDC
insulation resistance ≥1000MΩ
standing-wave ratio ≥ 25 dB, DC to ≤ 3 GHz
≥ 10 dB, > 15 GHz to ≤ 20 GHz
mechanical properties
Insertion and unplugging times (standard) ≥25
Insertion force (four cell) ≤45N
Insertion force (twin) ≤ 30 N
Insertion force (unit cell) ≤ 15 N
separating force ≥5N
Retention force ≥110N
Anti Misinsertion Force ≥150N
Main characteristics
  • Transmission frequency: DC~15GHz
  • Support signal rate of 20Gbps
  • Small integration, can save 80% space
  • 30% weight reduction
  • Multi color coding differentiation, mechanical error prevention
  • Multi cell/single cell, optional configuration
application area
  • 360 degree surround view camera
  • Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS)
  • High broadband information and entertainment system
  • Remote start and vehicle control
  • V2X system
  • 4K level high-definition camera