R&D Capability
  • Product Design
    • Pro-E 3D design and structural analysis, ANSOFT HFSS electromagnetic simulation analysis.
    • Product development follows APQP/GJB9001/ISO13485.
    • High frequency products reach 110Ghz, and the design and development capability of Class 0 high-precision OSLT and microwave passive components.
    • Low frequency products have waterproof capacity of 200M, salt spray capacity of 1000H, and have the ability to customize interfaces and industrial harnesses.
    • High speed signal PAM4 400Gbps test solution.
  • Engineering Support
    • Strong vertical integration capability of supply resources (with multi-dimensional products and processes).
    • Have the ability to develop and produce SI signal integrity simulation&test board and test fixture.
    • High precision machining, precision up to 2um.
    • Mold design and manufacturing, dealing with complex industrial wire harness processing and rubber coating process.
    • Strictly comply with IEC, EIA, IEEE, MIL, IPC and other industrial and military standards.
  • Product Testing
    • Mechanical test: mechanical test, life test, bending and swaying test, industrial X-ray flaw detection.
    • Electrical test: 110GHz network analyzer, S parameter test, third-order intermodulation test (PIM), 10kv high voltage test, etc.
    • Environmental and reliability test: high/low temperature test, high/low temperature impact test, salt spray test, deepwater test.
    • Material test: RoHS series test, material composition test, material hardness test, coating test, magnetic induction measurement, etc.
Manufacturing capacity
  • Cable Workshop
    • The constant tension winding production line adopts German ZF hysteresis tension controller and Mitsubishi servo motor, which can wind 2-15mm core wires, with the pitch range of 0.5-20mm, and the winding head speed of 0-1000r. p.m., ensuring the consistency, reliability and performance stability of the cable during the winding process.
    • The braiding machine adopts advanced frequency conversion control technology, which has the characteristics of stepless speed regulation, high-speed braiding, fault alarm, low noise, high reliability, high precision, high strength, etc., to ensure that the binding force and shielding of the product during processing meet the standard requirements, and there is no broken wire, loose braiding and other undesirable phenomena.
  • Machining and Assembly Workshop
    • STAR CNC from Japan has an accuracy of 0.002mm.
    • Equipped with automatic semi-rigid cable bending machine, capable of making special 3D shapes.
    • It has the welding ability of ultra-fine coaxial and low intermodulation RF cable components.
    • Heat treatment capacity up to 2500°C.
    • Various rubber coating processes.
    • Special waterproof production capacity, IP68 air tight grade.
Quality Assurance
Statistical process control
  • Data analysis
  • Avoid defects
  • Reduce waste
Quality control process
Main management control system
  • ISO9001:2015
  • ISO14001:2015
  • ISO13485:2016
  • UL & cUL certification (E342197)
  • RoHS and reach compliant
  • MRP system
  • IPC certified member
  • GB/T29490:2013 (IP Management)
  • GB/T23001-2017 (information and industry)
Test Capability
  • Visual Inspection And Mechanical Test
    • Visual inspection/dimension measurement.
    • Industrial X-ray inspection.
    • Thread inspection/hardness test.
    • Non magnetic test/magnetic induction measurement.
    • Electroplated coating thickness test.
    • Compression stroke force/push-pull force test.
    • Insertion and removal force/retention force test/cyclic insertion and removal.
    • Tensile strength/elongation test/push-pull test.
    • Insertion and extraction force/retention force test.
  • Electrical Test
    • Cable comprehensive test.
    • Contact resistance test.
    • Insulation impedance test.
    • Insulation withstand voltage test.
    • Voltage test of voltage limiting components.
    • Third order (passive) intermodulation test (PIM).
    • Voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR)/insertion loss/phase/insertion impedance/eye diagram/time domain analysis/characteristic impedance/delay and other tests.
  • Environmental And Reliability Testing
    • RoHS test/RoHS 2.0 test.
    • Cyclic plug.
    • Cable swing/bend test.
    • Leak test.
    • Waterproof test.
    • Salt spray experiment.
    • Humidity test.
    • High low cycle test.
    • High temperature test/low temperature test.
    • High and low temperature impact test.