SMP series of RF coaxial connector is a new type of ultra-small blind-mate RF connector.
Its application frequency is up to 40GHz.
It is small in size, excellent in electrical performance, easy to plug and unplug, and has good shock resistance.
The structural characteristics allow axial and radial directions.
There is a slight mismatch offset, which is widely used in the application of high-density blind insertion between printed circuit boards and chassis cabinets, and is used more and more widely in communication fields such as radar and aerospace.
Electrical Performance
Impedance 50 Ohm
Frequency range DC-40 GHz
Operating voltage 335 V(rms)
Medium pressure 500 V(rms)
Conductor resistance Center Contact: ≤6.0 mΩ (initial value)
Outer Contact: ≤2.0 mΩ (initial value)
Insulation resistance ≥5000 mΩ
VSWR Straight type: ≤1.30 (typical value)
Right angle: ≤1.35 (typical value)
Mechanical Characteristics
Pull-in force Typical value: <15 lbs (Full Detent) <10 lbs (Limited Detent) <2 lbs (Smooth Bore)
Pull-out force Typical value: >5 lbs (Full Detent) >2 lbs (Limited Detent) >0.5 lbs (Smooth Bore)
Center pin retention ≥1.5 lbs
Durability >100 times (Full Detent ) >500 times (Limited Detent) >1000 times (Smooth Bore)

  • Telecommunication
  • Industrial
  • Test & measurement
  • Highly shielded interconnect for high-speed data applications
  • Defence or aerospace applications
  • Board-to-board
Products Series
  • Connectors for coxial cables
  • PCB mounting connectors
  • Adaptors
  • Cable assemblies
  • Tools

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