BMA series RF coaxial connectors, the full name is Blind-mate A (blind-mate A) connectors. Compared with the traditional RF coaxial connector, the BMA series connector is a new type of RF connector that removes the threaded connection, adopts an air interface in the interface, and achieves the connection effect through push-in blind insertion. The operating frequency can reach 18GHz, and the characteristic impedance is 50Ω.
BMA series RF coaxial connectors have the characteristics of small size, reliable contact, superior mechanical and electrical performance, and convenient docking, and meet the MIL-STD-348A standard and IEC 61169-33 standard.
BMA series RF coaxial connectors are mainly used in modular blind mating systems such as radar chassis and cabinets, and are also often used in other microwave circuit connections. In some scenarios, BMA connectors are also used in high-speed digital signal and power/signal applications requiring high-speed switching and blind-mate connections.
Electrical Performance
Characteristic impedance 50 Ohm
Frequency range DC-18 GHz
Operating voltage 335 V(rms)
Medium pressure 1000 V(rms)
Conductor resistance Inner conductor: ≤3.0 mΩ (initial value)
Outer conductor: ≤2.0 mΩ (initial value)
Insulation resistance ≥5000 mΩ
VSWR Straight type: ≤1.30 (typical value)
Curved type: ≤1.35 (typical value)
Mechanical Characteristics
Male and female insertion force ≤3 lbs
Male and female pullout force ≥3 ounce
Center pin retention ≥6 lbs
Durability 500 times
  • It is mainly used in modular blind-mating systems such as radar chassis and cabinets, and is also often used in other microwave circuit connections.
  • Under certain conditions, BMA connectors can also be used in high-speed digital signals and power supply/signal equipment that require high-speed switching and blind-matching connections.
Products Series
  • Cable connector
  • PCB mounting connectors
  • Adapter
  • Tool