TNC type RF coaxial connector is a connector with a threaded connection mechanism for use in small and medium power applications. It has the characteristics of low voltage standing wave ratio, stable performance and high reliability, and has been widely used in aerospace, microwave communication and various electronic equipment. The application frequency of this product can reach 18GHz, with strong shock resistance, high reliability, excellent mechanical and electrical properties, and a fast-connecting screw-fit mechanism. After professional verification, Superlink's TNC series RF coaxial connectors have good performance and meet the MIL-C-39012 standard, GJB681A standard, and IEC6016-9 standard.
Electrical Performance
Characteristic impedance 50 Ohm
Frequency range DC-18 GHz
Operating voltage 500 V(rms)
Medium pressure 1500V(rms)
Conductor resistance Inner conductor: ≤1.5 mΩ (initial value)
Outer conductor: ≤0.5 mΩ (initial value)
Insulation resistance ≥5000 mΩ
VSWR Straight type: ≤1.30 (typical value)
Curved type: ≤1.35 (typical value)
Mechanical Characteristics
Male and female pull out force ≤2.5 lbs (slide-in structure)
Center needle pullout force ≤2 lbs
Center pin retention ≥6 lbs
Durability 500 times
  • Used in medium and small power applications.
  • Widely used in wireless communication, instrumentation, such as aerospace, microwave communication and other fields of electronic equipment.
Products Series
  • Cable connector
  • Board end connector
  • Adapter
  • Tool