Standard adapters

SUPERLINK provide various RF adapters, such as, adapter between same series, adapter between different series, straight or angle type adapter, panel mounted function adapter, and customized adapters.

Electrical Performance
Characteristic impedance 50 Ohm
Frequency range DC-110 GHz
Operating voltage 175 V(rms)
Dielectric withstanding Voltage 500 V(rms)
VSWR Straight type: ≤1.20(typical value)
Right/Angel type: ≤1.30(typical value)
Mechanical Characteristics
Center Pin Insertion Force According to the type
Center Pin Pullout force According to the type
Center pin retention ≥6 lbs
Durability 500 times
  • Change gender or as protector role ofconnector in precision measurement applications
  • Transfer electric signals between connector
  • Input or output port of instruments or equipments
Products Series
  • Adapter
Product List