The SHV (Safety High Voltage) connector has a prominent insulator design and is a very easy to identify snap connection type of RF connector with the advantages of easy connection, stable performance and high voltage resistance. When mating with the connector, the external conductor contacts are completed before the internal conductor contacts.

SHV connectors are suitable for all high voltage applications up to 5kv DC or 3.5 kV AC rms, with the voltage being valid both connected and unconnected. Compared to MHV, SHV connectors are safer when handling high voltages.

Electrical Performance
Characteristic impedance 50 Ω
Frequency range 0-300 MHz
Operating voltage 3500 V(rms)
Dielectric withstanding voltage 5000 V(rms)
Conductor resistance inner conductor: ≤2.0 mΩ (initial value)
Outer conductor: ≤1.5 mΩ (initial value)
Insulation resistance ≥5000 MΩ
VSWR S Type: N/A
R Type: N/A
Mechanical Characteristics
Nut Pull ≥101.2 lbs
Nut Torque 0.6-2.5 inch.lbs
Center pin retention ≥6.1 lbs
Durability 500 cycles
  • It is commonly used for connection between high-voltage power supply and devices in nuclear instruments or electronic measuring devices
  • It is widely used in wireless communications, industrial applications, medical and other fields
Products Series
  • Cable connectors
  • Panel Mounted Connectors
  • Adapters