• R & D Engineer - microwave system
    • Shenzhen / Foshan
    • Undergraduate
    • 2022-07-05
  • Job responsibilities:
    • Responsible for the design and integration of RF and microwave antenna feed system, including various passive components and systems, such as antenna, filter, power divider Design and provide overall solutions for circulators, isolators, waveguides, converters, etc.
    • Responsible for simulation modeling and testing of RF and microwave passive components and systems.
    • Responsible for RF and microwave passive micro system design and EMC characteristics.
    • Participate in the research of advanced electromagnetic energy absorption and shielding materials and processes, and the research of micro system manufacturing processes.
    • Participate in technology and product marketing and customer front-end technical support.
    • Bachelor degree or above, postgraduate is preferred. Electronic Science and technology, microelectronic manufacturing engineering, microelectronic science and engineering and other related majors.
    • Have a certain understanding of ANSYS / HFSS, CST and other simulation software, be familiar with antenna test and various RF test instruments, and have a certain understanding of MIMO antenna design and manufacturing and cavity filter design is preferred.
    • CET-4 or above, with strong English reading and writing skills.
    • Have the ability to solve problems independently, have a strong sense of innovation and strong communication skills.
    • Rigorous and meticulous work, sense of responsibility and positive and optimistic working attitude.
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