Test Cable

SLK offers a variety of products for RF test and measurement. At present, it can be applied up to 110GHz, and the product has excellent performance such as low insertion loss, low VSWR, high shielding efficiency, and stable amplitude stability.

  • The test cable is a cost-effective, durable, high-performance cable assembly that can be used in a variety of frequency cable assemblies: 18 GHz, 26.5 GHz, 40 GHz, 50 GHz, 67 GHz, and 110GHz.
  • The product adopts advanced cable structure, stable performance and durability.
  • Products are widely used in: telecommunications, satellite communications, microwave communications, aerospace, marine ships, military radar, low-temperature superconductivity and other fields.
  • The product operates up to 110GHz: IL<13dB/m, VSWR<1.30
  • Multiple armor options: stainless steel spring + PVC sheath, stainless steel double buckle + PUR sheath, stainless steel double buckle + nylon braid, 4-layer structure reinforced PTFE armor, etc.
  • Component customization service: Customized components according to customer needs, providing supporting electrical/mechanical performance testing, phase/delay matching up to ±1°/±1ps.
  • Fast and on-time delivery: SLK has its own cable production, connector manufacturing and assembly test production lines to ensure independent and controllable quality and delivery.