• What is impedance matching? Why do we need impedance matching?

    What is impedance matching? Why do we need impedance matching?What is impedance?In a circuit with resistance, inductance, and capacitance, the obstacle to alternating current is called impedance. Impedance is often expressed as Z. Impedance is composed of resistance, inductive reactance and capaciti

  • Analysis on the development direction of connectors in the AI ​​era

    In recent years, society has gradually moved towards the era of intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered an important part of the fourth industrial revolution. Smart homes, unmanned supermarkets, connected cars, smart transportation, smart cities, etc. The concept has already begun t

  • Superlink Technology invites you to participate in the grand event

    The 9th World Radar Expo in 2021 and the first "Radar and the Future" Global Summit is co-sponsored by China Radar Industry Association, China Electronics Technology Group, and China Electronics Information Industry Group. It will be at the origin of China's radar industry on April 22-24, 2021. Gran

  • Up to 110GHZ! 1.0mm RF connector detailed

    1. Overview of 110GHz 1.0mm connectorThe 1.0mm connector has been born for 32 years! In 1989, IEEE287, the Precision Connector Standards Committee, defined the interface of 1.0mm connector.The 1.0mm connector has DC-110GHz ultra-wideband characteristics, which makes the test easier; it used to requi

  • 4 applications features of SMP connector

    SMP connector is a kind of ultra-small radio frequency connector with application frequency up to 40GHz.It has several advantages such as small size, light weight, bandwidth, and reliable link.SMP connectors are often used for board-to-board connections, or occasions with weight requirements and sma

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