Shenzhen Superlink Technology Co., Ltd.
Is founded in 2008, specializing in the development, design and manufacture of interconnection products and solutions. We own strong scientific research strength, precision equipments and professional management systems. With reliable and consistent quality, we have been recognized by many customers and established long-term strategic partners with many top fortune 500 enterprises globally. We are professional to provide ODM, OEM and engineering customization services, our related products have been widely used in telecommunications, data communication, test and measurement, medical, industrial automation, military, semiconductor, aerospace and so on. With outstanding technical innovation and professional service as our mission, we provide to customers the most effective interconnection solutions.
  • 2008
    Founded in 2008
  • 300
    300 employees
  • 10000
    Area 10,000 square meters
Superlink has global sales networks and manufacturing base located in Shenzhen China. Make Superlink as your best Choice!
Product Classification
Board to board multi-channel connector
Superlink's ssmp new line of single port, two-port, and four-port PCB surface mount connectors are ideal for high frequency printed circuit board applications where precision is key. E-communication are rapidly gaining momentum. Superlink Mini-SMP interface is a micro-miniature interface , approximately 69% of standard SMP size,It is commonly used in miniaturized high frequency coaxial modules and is offered in both push-on and snap-on mating styles.It mainly for high-speed signal transmission. Mainly used for Test & measurement、Highly shielded interconnect for high data rate applications、Defence or aerospace applications、Optical module component test and so on.